Quick Answer: Can we trim transplanted hair?

Generally, yes. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, approximately 635,189 hair restoration procedures were performed in 2016. … Plus, there’s nothing particularly special about a scalp with transplanted hair. You should be able to style it and cut it just like before.

What happens if you shave transplanted hair?

Shaving your head after hair transplant could damage the transplanted hair grafts by dislodging them from place. The hair grafts need at least two weeks to take root and to stabilize in the scalp. Any sudden movement or friction with the grafts during this period puts you at a risk of losing them.

Does transplanted hair thicken over time?

For some patients, their transplanted hairs start growing early in the timeline; for others, they start growing later. … Toward the end of this period, the hair will show textural changes and start to thicken up. At 6 months, Dr. Gabel will see the patient in follow up.

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