What qualifications do you need to do hair transplants?

Your hair transplant doctor should have post-graduate training in plastic surgery and or dermatology with specific training in hair restoration. This level of training typically includes four years of medical school, then four to seven years of residency.

Do you have to be a doctor to do hair transplants?

Only by doctors – Many people don’t realise that most hair transplants in NSW are not done 100% by doctors. Instead, a technician or nurse or robot can do part of the procedure. At Gro all micro FUE surgeries are done 100% by a Gro certified doctor.

How do you qualify for a hair transplant?

To be considered for a hair transplant, you need two things:

  1. Enough healthy hair on your scalp that can be transplanted to the area that needs hair.
  2. The ability to grow hair on the thinning area of your scalp.

What are hair transplant doctor called?

When you ask who should perform hair transplant, two specialists are natural choices: Dermatologists, because they have knowledge of, and hence routinely practice trichology, and; Plastic surgeon, because hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery.

How much does 2000 hair grafts cost?

This number could be anywhere from 500-2000 grafts, depending on your degree of hair loss, making the procedure price between $2000 and $4000. This cost will vary based on the surgeon you choose.

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Do hair transplants last forever?

In a nutshell, yes, an FUE hair transplant can last a lifetime. The key to thing to remember with hair transplants, whether that’s an FUE or FUT, is the donor hair follicles preserve the characteristics, enabling healthy growth.

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