You asked: Should I shave my beard while using minoxidil?

Shaving does not affect how the product works. Shaving makes it easier to apply minoxidil and prevents wastage of the product. For those fearing the loss of the beard they may have gained, it will grow back. Shaving will not affect the progress made while using minoxidil.

Does minoxidil beard grow back after shaving?

Shaving means absolutely nothing — the hair grows back

They believe that once you shave, the beard you gained with minoxidil will no longer exist. … When cutting the hair down to the skin with a razor, the hair will still grow out from the follicle, where it is created.

How long does minoxidil take to work beard?

While minoxidil starts working immediately, you won’t actually see any noticeable changes for three to six months, with the best visual results after 12 months. You do need to persist with continuous use over the entire time.

Should I clean shave before starting minoxidil?

You want the Minoxidil to be applied to your skin, not the hair in your beard. That is why it is generally advised to either trim it short or shave completely. That being said you do not have to shave, you just have to put a bit more effort into rubbing the minox on your skin through your hair.

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Can I leave minoxidil overnight?

Leave the minoxidil on your face for 4 hours. … As an aside, some people leave minoxidil on overnight. This is fine too. It’s completely up to you what to do.

Which minoxidil is best for beard?

The Thai research team concluded that, “minoxidil 3% lotion is effective and safe for beard enhancement.”Despite these encouraging findings, as far as we could determine, no subsequent research has been completed and no additional research into the safety and efficacy of minoxidil for use to stimulate facial hair …

Is minoxidil 5 or 10 better?

Conclusion: Five percent of topical minoxidil was moderately superior to 10% topical minoxidil and placebo in increasing hair regrowth opposite to the expected, the irritation was marked for 10% topical minoxidil.

Do you wash off minoxidil beard?

With Minoxidil, it is best to leave it on, without other cosmetics, for 4 hours as that will maximize its absorption rate. You may wash it off after 4 hours, or just leave it on as it will dry and absorb into your skin.

Can I use minoxidil once a day?

Although the Minoxidil works best when used twice a day, using it once a day will also be effective (and better than not using it at all). … When using minoxidil once a day, use at least double the recommended dose, so that it will be applied to the entire area of thinning.

Is shaving Good for minoxidil?

In conclusion, it’s perfectly okay to shave while using minoxidil. It’s also okay to grow your beard out. There are small downsides to each of these, so it’s generally recommended that you trim your beard if you’re looking for the best advice.

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How long does it take minoxidil to work?

Generally speaking, it takes about 8 weeks of consistent use to start to see results with minoxidil. After 4 months of use, you should start to see the end of hair loss and start to see hair growth. If it’s been 4 months and you’re still seeing hair shedding, it may not be related to minoxidil.

How long should I keep minoxidil on my scalp?

A common question I’m asked is how long to leave the minoxidil on the scalp. Ideally it is left on for 8 hours but the ‘minimum’ time I advise is 4-6 hours. After 4 hours, 75 % of the minoxidil is absorbed.

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