Can you wear an eye mask with eyelash extensions?

You can wear sleep masks with eyelash extensions. You should opt for 3D masks that prevent compressing your extensions against your eyes. Standard eye masks will cause friction against your extensions and reduce their longevity. 3D masks are recommended because they leave a gap between the lashes and the mask itself.

Do sleep masks ruin eyelash extensions?

Although sleep masks may help you get some shut-eye, we’re sad to report that they could also actually be damaging your eyelashes. “Sleep masks may cause lashes to grow crisscrossed as they are pressed down throughout the night,” says Kim.

Can you do a face mask with eyelash extensions?

DO- Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after your appointment. This will allow the adhesive to fully cure. … Do- Avoid sleeping on your face and you may even have troubles loosing a few if sleeping on side and your lashes are rubbing on pillow. You can use a sleep mask.

Can you wear eye mask with fake lashes?

You can still wear an eye mask if this is your habit, but look for one that is bubbled, like this one. “Some lashes will twist and shift, but the majority should be laying nicely at your fill appointment,” says Buhler.

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What should you not use with eyelash extensions?

10 things to avoid when wearing lash extensions

  • Mascara. …
  • Make up. …
  • Eyeliner. …
  • Make up remover. …
  • Baby wipes and Cotton pads. …
  • Moisturiser and anti wrinkle creams. …
  • Hair conditioner. …
  • Baby shampoo.

How can I not ruin my eyelash extensions while sleeping?

Resting your head and lashes on a silk pillowcase is ideal when you have eyelash extensions. Not only will it allow your lashes and the extensions themselves to glide on the surface while you sleep, but you will also avoid any lashes getting caught or pulled like when you use a cotton pillowcase.

Why can’t you sleep on your side with eyelash extensions?

See, when you sleep on your side or on your front, your face usually ends up rubbing against your pillow or bedcovers. … And pressing your face against your pillow can flatten your eyelash extensions, deforming their natural curl or affecting the bond of the glue.

How do you shower with eyelash extensions?

After the 48 hour period, you’re safe to shower again. It’s a myth that you should never get your eyelash extensions wet once having a new set, in-fact quite the opposite! Top tip: When showering, don’t position your head in the full strength of water flow. Let the water instead run down your face.

How do you protect fake eyelashes in the shower?

Turn on your shower, and face away from the shower head, keeping your head above the spray of water. Be sure to shower with lukewarm water. This is KEY. Hot water holds more humidity that can affect the adhesive of your lashes.

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Why are my lash extensions falling out after one day?

If the humidity is very high during your lash appointment, the adhesive may set too quickly. If the adhesive sets before the extension attaches to the natural lash then there will be poor adhesion and the lash will eventually just pop off after a day or two.

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