Do sunbeds effect lash extensions?

Even though we’re all looking for that golden skin tone, tanning beds should be evaded while wearing extensions. The UV light from tanning beds can weaken the bond. … The less you touch the lash extensions, the longer they will last. Mascara should never be worn on eyelash extensions.

Can you go in the sun with eyelash extensions?

The key is using it correctly. Apply Protective Coating before going out in the sun just like you would your sunscreen, but only apply it to clean, dry lashes. Additionally, don’t think that the more Protective Coating you apply, the better it’s going to work.

What to avoid when you have lash extensions?

Don’t: Touch them! Avoid plucking, pulling, yanking and twisting your lashes. If you need them gone, book in for a professional removal to have them removed safely. If not you can damage your natural lashes causing baldness (no thanks!)

Do lash extensions last in hot weather?

Humidity Can Affect Lash Extensions

That’s because extreme humidity can cause the adhesive holding your extensions perfectly in place to weaken. When this happens, the adhesive can become brittle and/or cause a clumpy lash line (again, not a pretty!).

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What does heat do to lash extensions?

Getting Too Close to Any Heat Source Is a No-No

Not only can your lashes get singed, but extreme heat can also cause synthetic lash extensions to melt, which can make your lashes appear clumpy when they cool back down.

Do and don’ts for eyelash extensions?

Lash Extensions: Do’s and Don’ts According to an Expert

  • DON’T get your extensions wet for 24-48 hours after application. …
  • DO make sure your lash artist uses individual lashes, NOT clusters. …
  • DON’T use oily products near your eyes. …
  • DO take care of your natural lashes. …
  • DON’T forget to brush your lashes.

Can you sleep on your side with lash extensions?

A: Not necessarily! Most eyelash technicians will highly recommend sleeping on your back in order to protect your eyelash extensions from getting tugged at or pulled off in your sleep. See, when you sleep on your side or on your front, your face usually ends up rubbing against your pillow or bedcovers.

How often should I brush my lash extensions?

To take care of your eyelash extensions, brush your lashes daily to prevent crisscrossing. A simple 15–20 second sweep through your lashes in the morning will put stray lashes in their place.

Are eyelash extensions worth it in summer?

Unfortunately, the summer heat can be brutal to your lash extensions! Months of dry heat makes Arizona one of the hardest states for eyelash extension retention. Luckily the pros at Stellar Lash are always at the industry forefront of using the newest and best products and glues to make you look fabulous year-round!

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