Does clear mascara look better on dark lashes?

Spyksma swears by clear mascara for when you want curled and defined lashes, without the inky black drama. “Clear mascara helps your lashes hold a curl and gives them definition. … It makes for “a more glossy, natural lash,” as opposed to the “carbon-black look.”

What is the point of clear mascara?


On its own, clear mascara gives a wet-sheen gloss to lashes, and slightly darkens them, much the way water darkens hair when saturated. Excellent for that no makeup-makeup look. It also helps lashes hold curl when paired with a lash curler.

Can you use clear mascara on tinted eyelashes?

Can you wear mascara after an eyelash tint? You can, but ultimately the goal is for you to not have to. It might be better to invest in some eyelash curlers that give you the lift of the mascara, without having to cleanse anything off before you go to bed.

Should I use clear mascara before black mascara?

Mascara Primer: This may seem unnecessary but only until you try it. Using a clear mascara before using your regular one will result in long lashes that don’t have any clumps. All you have to do is apply a coat of the clear gel, let it stay and dry on your lashes and then apply your regular mascara.

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Is clear mascara better for your lashes?

“Clear mascara is a softer alternative to your standard black and brown mascaras,” says celebrity makeup artist Min Min Ma. “It gives a nice definition to your lashes without weighing them down.

Is there a mascara that dyes your eyelashes?

Like a gradual tanner for your lashes, Rimmel Volume Colorist Mascara ($6) contains a semi-permanent lash tint that works over time to take bare lashes darker in two weeks.

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