Best answer: Is it possible to make facial hair grow thicker?

In the matter of fact, only a few men can grow a thick beard for the first few years they start producing facial hair, even those with good beard genes. … Although you can’t affect the speed of your beard growing, you can make it appear and even grow thicker.

Is it possible to thicken beard?

Even if you have a patchy beard, you can still make it appear thicker by growing it longer and trimming it all down to the same length. This, of course, will not actually make your beard hairs increase in size or activate any new growth, but it’s one of the easiest ways to create the visual impact of a thicker beard.

Why can’t I grow a beard at 30?

We get emails often saying I still can’t grow a beard at 30 years old, what can I do? It is down to genetics unfortunately. Some people just don’t have the genes to grow thick facial hair. Many people just don’t give themselves the best chance and give up before seeing any results!

What causes lack of facial hair?

The reasons for poor facial-hair growth vary, he said, but can be because of a lack of sensitivity to testosterone, which turns soft vellus hairs into thicker terminal hairs during puberty. If testosterone levels are low, hormones can be prescribed.

What race has the least facial hair?


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According to a 2016 study , Chinese men generally have less facial hair growth than Caucasian men.

What foods cause facial hair growth?

foods high in zinc, such as nuts and chickpeas. healthy fats, such as those in avocados. fruits and vegetables, such as those high in B vitamins and vitamins A, C, D, and E; these vitamins may all help with hair growth.

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