Can you perm bleached hair with Olaplex?

OLAPLEX is compatible with all Permanent Waves including Digital Perms. It is extremely important to use good judgement when perming compromised hair and to take proper test curls.

Is it better to color or perm first?

Most hairstylists would recommend getting the perm first, before coloring the hair to ensure that the perming process does not conflict with the newly applied color. Chemicals in the perm neutralizing solution can react with hair colorants and cause the hair to become lighter.

Will Olaplex fix my damaged curly hair?

I am so thrilled that Olaplex can take my current damaged curly clients and help them to see a CURL FORMATION after just ONE visit! … With Olaplex, bonds are repaired and curls are forming… without cutting all the curls off and starting over.

Does Olaplex straighten curly hair?

With the help of a bond builder (called bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, in case you were curious), it can even restore the hair’s natural curl after too much blowdrying, flat ironing, or curling, as it helps rebuild the bonds in your hair that have been temporarily flattened.

What happens if you put relaxer on bleached hair?

Bleached hair is already in a chemically damaged state. Not to say your hair is like straw that is falling out, but if you layer a relaxer on top of it, you may experience dry, crackly, hair that falls out when brushed or handled on a day-to-day basis. Please do not ever put a relaxer on bleached hair.

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