Do NBR extensions damage your hair?

DO NBR EXTENSIONS DAMAGE YOUR HAIR? NBR Extensions are supposed to be the least damaging extensions, besides clip in extensions! You will always have some natural breakage with extensions, but NBRs have proven to be the least damaging because they have the least amount of contact points on your head!

Are NBR hair extensions worth it?

A: NBR Extensions are great if you want to add length to your hair, OR VOLUME. So many clients of Vera Salon have shorter hair and get one row simply just for volume. Short or long, NBR is SO worth it. … Keep in mind, your stylist can cut and blend the NBR Extensions to specifically meet YOUR needs.

Is NBR safe for hair?

I am not sure if that would happen once you totally take them out, however, I do know that it is said that NBR extensions have a lot less damage to your than other methods. So far, totally fine! When it comes to styling, there are a few products that I would highly recommend, extensions or not.

How long do NBR hair extensions last?

NBR Hair Extensions can last 6 months to 1 year. The Hand Tied Weft Extensions need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks.

How often should you wash NBR extensions?

Washing beaded hair extensions as little as possible is the key to prolonging their life. Try to only wash two or three times a week.

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How many rows of NBR extensions do I need?

2 Rows are used to add both length and fullness. – 2 rows is the most common amount of hair worn. – 2 rows are great for someone looking to add a maximum of 6-8” of length. – 2 rows are also great for someone looking to fill in the sides of their hair.

How much does NBR hair cost?

Stylist pricing will vary, depending on their experience, however keep in mind that the initial appointment will be the most expensive around $1,000+ (due to the cost of hair, color, cut, and styling). After your initial appointment, it will not cost that much each time after!

Can you wear your hair up with NBR extensions?

Can I put my hair up in a ponytail while wearing NBR™? Yes, with Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions you can wear your hair in a ponytail along with many other versatile styles!

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