Do you need to tone bleached hair before dying?

You don’t need to tone. That’s more for bleached blondes who get their hair very light and want to offset any brassy color left in their hair so it looks more white-ish. If your hair is too yellowy then the teal won’t take properly, you need a light base for that, the purple will be more warmer in tone.

Do I have to tone after bleaching?

Yes, toning is recommended right after bleaching. The hydrogen peroxide in bleach opens your cuticle. This allows the dye to go into the shaft. According to my research, bleach makes your hair more porous, so applying a toner straight after bleaching will help the dye to go into the open cuticle and last longer.

How long after bleaching my hair can I dye it pink?

You should wait about a week after bleaching to dye with developer, but you can do it. Developer lifts up the scales of your hair, and deposit the dye deep inside. This process can exacerbate damage, so you will want to really focus on some deep conditioning after your dye.

How long after bleaching can I tone?

Step 1 – Wait at least 3 days after bleaching to tone your hair with an ammonia toner. Bleached hair is already pretty fragile, and this type of toner can make it worse. Avoid washing your hair in the few days between bleaching and toning.

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Can you bleach and tone the same day?

Yes, always tone right after bleach if you need to cancel out orange or yellow tones. In the salon, we rinse out the bleach at the shampoo bowl, wash the hair and immediately tone right there on wet hair at the bowl.

Is purple shampoo a toner?

What Does Purple Shampoo Do? Purple shampoo acts as a toner to get rid of brassy tones and return your hair to a cooler, salon-fresh blonde. Using purple shampoo is a key step in helping dyed blonde hair look vibrant and fresh.

What happens if you leave toner on too long?

What Happens If I Leave Toner in My Hair Too Long? Leaving toner on your hair for longer than indicated in the instructions will not make the result better or longer-lasting. It may result in a darker color you did not intend to achieve. However, a lot depends on the color of the toner you are using.

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