Does beard hair grow evenly?

It’s very rare that a beard will grow in perfectly evenly, whether it be in terms of length or fullness. It’s actually very unusual for a beard to grow at the same rate on the left and right sides of your face, so if you feel like one side is growing faster than the other, you really don’t need to be alarmed.

How can I make my beard grow evenly?

Start from scratch, trimming any facial hair you do have off, then shaving close to the skin. This will ensure that everything will grow as evenly as possible as you’re starting your new beard. Consider having a hot shave at a barber’s shop. This is typically the closest and most even shave you can get, to start off.

Does trimming beard make it grow faster?

When grooming, don’t be afraid to get in the trenches and really give your beard a once-over. Working the rough spots and dead hair can lead to healthier growth. Even better, keeping a trimming routine can speed up beard growth in general.

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