Does bleaching your hair make it grow darker?

A: No, bleaching won’t change the color of your natural hair. Bleaching your hair only lightens the hair-strand above the skin. … The maintenance on bleached hair can be very high (especially when you have brown or dark brown/black hair), as you have to get your regrowth done every month.

Does bleaching your hair permanently change the color?

1. It is different from other hair dyes. Unlike other dyes, especially temporary or semi-permanent hair dyes that can be washed away over time, hair bleaching is a more permanent process. … Instead, the chemical strips away the natural colors of your hair, which are produced by the pigment called melanin.

Does hair grow the same after bleaching?

Bleached hair grows out at the same rate as unbleached hair: between 1 and 2 centimeters per month. That growth rate will always depend on the health of your hair. So, it’s important that you take good care of your bleached hair to boost its strength and health.

How long does it take bleached hair to go back to normal?

If your hair was 25 cm before bleaching, it’ll take about two years to return to normal, assuming your hair grows 1 cm per month. If your hair was 50 cms before bleaching, it’ll take just under three years to get it back to normal, assuming your hair grows 1.5 cms per month.

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