Frequent question: Why you should never bleach your hair?

Bleach is a very strong and sometimes dangerous chemical. It is much stronger than regular hair dye and can burn your scalp or make your hair fall out. Your hair could become damaged beyond belief which could require you to start from scratch.

Why should you not bleach your hair?

Bleaching & Toning – applying bleach directly on your scalp can lead to burns and breakage. Bleach is fast acting and it is very difficult to apply all over the head in a timely fashion. If you bring your hair up to orange or bright yellow, you will need to be an expert to find the right toner.

Will your hair ever be the same after bleaching it?

Bleached hair will never be the same after a bleaching process because its internal structure will have changed forever. Therefore, it’ll only go back to normal as it grows.

Does hair bleach cause cancer?

The link between hair dye and cancer hasn’t been confirmed. We need more studies to show whether there is a risk to people who get their hair colored. Experts say hair dye isn’t likely to cause cancer on its own.

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