How often should I oil my low porosity hair?

Note: Many find these two methods work wonders. No matter which way you decide to go, it is important to deep condition your hair. Once a week is fine for most. Be sure to do so at minimum biweekly to yield the best results.

How do you moisturize low porosity hair daily?

In fact, when moisturizing low-porosity hair, it’s best to use a deep conditioner with humectants like glycerin or honey. Humectants work to pull water in from the air, keeping your hair hydrated even after you’ve finished wash day.

Is coconut oil bad for low porosity hair?

With low porosity hair you want to avoid using heavy products, as low porosity tends to have issues with product build up. … oils such as olive oil and coconut oil are a no go for naturals with low porosity hair because they will undoubtedly sit on top of the hair instead of absorbing into them.

Is hot oil treatment good for low porosity hair?

The name may insinuate that you should put boiling hot oil in your hair but a hot oil treatment is actually just putting oil all over the hair then incorporating heat. This allows the oil to penetrate the hair shaft for intense hydration that your low porosity hair may need.

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Can low porosity hair grow long?

If you have low porosity hair, you may feel frustrated with the amount of time it takes for your hair to grow or even feel like it doesn’t grow at all. You can rest assured your hair is growing; however, there may be some things inhibiting its growth and causing it to grow slower or break off before it can grow long.

When should I wash my low porosity hair?

Generally, low-porosity hair will need to be washed more often due to product buildup, while high-porosity hair can go longer between washes. Hair with medium porosity — in which case the cuticle doesn’t open too much or too little — is the easiest to manage, Reid says.

Is shea butter good for low porosity hair?

Natural shea butter is perfect for low porosity hair and that is why it can be found in Nanoil for low porosity hair. We can try to apply shea butter to medium porosity hair but there is no guarantee it will bring good effects.

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