In what direction does hair grow?

The direction in which you are lifting the hairs is against the grain, and the direction in which you are laying it down is with the grain. We strongly encourage only shaving with the grain.

What is shave in the direction of hair growth?

Shave in the direction of the hair growth where your skin is more sensitive and your hair is thicker—i.e., your bikini line. “Shaving against the grain will give you a closer shave, so it’s worth it on the legs because the hair is thinner.

What direction does hair grow on face?

For most of the face, this is pretty straightforward. On most men, cheek hair grows downward and neck hair grows upward, so you’re likely already shaving against the grain in those areas.

Does hair have a direction?

In general, hair is habituated to fall in specific direction and orientation.

Is shaving in the opposite direction Bad?

When you shave in the opposite direction, you can get ingrown hair and even harsh growth. Also, shaving against the grain will cause skin irritation and even razor bumps.

Is shaving against the grain bad?

Shaving against the grain tends to pull the hair follicle up and away from the skin, which runs an increased chance of razor burn or skin irritation being left behind. We recommend shaving against the grain only in the areas of your face where there is stubble left over from your few passes with the grain.

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Can you change direction hair grows?

While you can never change the direction of growth inside the hair follicle, you can work with the hair to manipulate it to start going the direction you want it to go beyond the scalp. After a few days of regular care and attention, your hair should begin to take the shape you want.

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