Quick Answer: What is protein filler for bleached hair?

Protein fillers are treatments that are used to recover the health of hair that has been damaged, for example, from bleaching. It is applied as a hair mask, repairing oils, or shampoo and conditioner. They are easy to use at home. There is no need to go to the beauty salon.

Should I use a protein filler after bleaching?

Using protein filler too much makes hair brittle & prone to breakage. It works great to protect hair during bleaching but it also helps repair bleached hair. Use it once every 2 weeks mixed into a deep conditioner to help keep hair soft & healthy. Yes, you can mix protein filler into bleach mixture.

Why won’t my bleached hair hold color?

The simple answer to why over-bleached hair doesn’t hold color is that the bleaching process removed too much of the pigment and protein inside the hair, basically making it like swiss cheese.

Does hair need protein after bleaching?

Not Using a Deep Treatment

So if you have bleach damaged hair or heat damaged hair, it’s pretty much imperative that you use a deep conditioning treatment with protein as a primary ingredient to strengthen the protective coating on your hair.

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Can you color over bleached hair?

The short answer is that bleached hair is hair that has had all the color pigment completely removed. This is the only way you can change your hair to a lighter color. To explain a little more in-depth, when hair is bleached it undergoes a chemical reaction called oxidation.

How often should you do a protein treatment on bleached hair?

How often can you apply protein treatments to your hair?

  1. If you want to get rid of your split ends, you should use a protein ampoule every three to four weeks.
  2. If your hair is damaged from bleaching or excessive use of heat, the best thing is to apply the treatment every 15 days.

How long can I leave protein filler on my hair?

As a pre-color treatment: Apply the filler evenly throughout your clean, towel damp hair, and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Do not rinse the product from your hair.

Can you put protein filler in shampoo?

Wash hair with shampoo, rinse thoroughly and blot as much excess water out of your hair as possible. Then mix 2oz. of protein filler with 1oz. … Apply a moisturizing conditioner afterwards and leave on for 3-5 minutes.

How do you slightly darken bleached hair?

A toner can be used when lightening hair to tone down brassiness or orange tones, or a toner can be used to slightly darken and deepen too-blonde hair color. If you’ve dyed your hair and it’s way too blonde, mix a toner that’s one shade darker than your current color.

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