What is a Malibu hair treatment?

A Malibu Treatment will typically remove excess build-up in your hair caused from hard water, chlorine from swimming pools and water softeners. This treatment is great for prepping hair for color, perms and relaxers. … Stylists usually allow the treatment to process under a hair dryer for at least 30-40 minutes.

How often can you do a Malibu hair treatment?

You can repeat the Malibu hair treatment once every nine weeks for the best results. Your stylist may recommend more frequent repetitions if you have color- or chemically-treated hair. Follow the instructions mentioned if you are using other malibu products, like the clarifying shampoo or conditioner.

Can you color your hair after a Malibu treatment?

The Malibu C Wellness Remedies do not “strip” color; however, if you have mineral buildup on your hair, there is a possibility that as the Wellness Remedy removes the minerals, any color attached on top of those minerals would come off as well.

Should I wash my hair before getting a Malibu treatment?

For non-colored hair or grey hair, or blonde/white hair: Shampoo your hair with Clarifying shampoo, and use a moisture conditioner afterwards. If you colored your hair a medium/dark color. … Always get your Malibu treatments within a week before your next color, perm or chemical service, NEVER right after.

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Are Malibu treatments hard on your hair?

It dries your hair out because it is stripping everything that the well water puts into your hair. It’s not a bad thing that it’s drying it out. It’s supposed to. Malibu is NOT meant for EVERYDAY USE.

How often should you use Malibu hard water shampoo?

Hairstylists usually suggest that you should get a Malibu demineralizing hair treatment every 2 months for better healthy hair. You should only go to a salon or seek a professional’s help when you have color-treated hair.

How do you use Malibu treatment?

Malibu C Crystal Gel is the original natural wellness treatment.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Pour crystals into mixing jar or applicator bottle with 2 ounces of warm water. Shake and allow to gel.
  2. Shampoo hair and rinse. …
  3. Apply “processing cap” and expose to heat 10 to 45 minutes.
  4. Shampoo an rinse hair thoroughly.
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