Your question: Can I dye my Zala hair extensions?

How do you dye Zala hair extensions?

Our hair goes through a long dying and bleaching process to get it to our fabulous shades. Like most human hair extensions, please do not attempt to bleach or lighten your ZALA hair as they may become damaged. Keep in mind that extensions & Seamless extensions have band at the top which will not take to dye.

Can you dye Zala clip in hair extensions?

Can I tone or dye my ZALA Keratin Pro ponytail? As this hair is made from Keratin Protein and not Human Hair, this material does not absorb dye/toners and will not take to the colour. If you need a custom colour, go for the human hair range which can be safely toned & dyed!

Is Zala hair extensions good?

You CAN’T go wrong with zala hair extensions. They are, hands down, the BEST quality at the BEST price… … The extensions look slightly different from the picture though but i was still happy with them. I LOVE my clip in extensions and will ONLY buy from them!

Can I lighten hair extensions?

Rule #1- Don’t ever lighten hair extensions unless the hair you are working with 100% virgin. I’ve have only seen bad results from lightening preprocessed hair extensions. The reason for this is that hair extensions are processed off the head in factories using different chemicals than we use at a hair salon.

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How long does it take for ZALA hair extensions to arrive?

Wholesale Inquiries

GROUND priority mail express
ESTIMATED TIMEFRAME 3-5 Business Days (Mon-Fri) 1-2 BUSINESS DAYS (Mon-Fri)

How do you blend extensions with different colored hair?

Prefer clip in dark shades hair wefts at the bottom of the head and lighter shade wefts towards the upper side. This will make your hair look natural as natural hair illuminates when lightened by sun. Reciprocate each side of your weft while using two-color hair extensions. This helps to blend the hair in the best way.

Can I dye my hair with Nano extensions?

Whilst it is not a problem to dye your hair whilst wearing hair extensions, we would not recommend dying the extensions themselves. This is why it is so important to have the colour right during the consultation to avoid this issue.

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