Material Guide
General information

The products are made from surgical stainless steel (316 L) and plated with either 24 carat gold or sterling silver. All chains and locks are sterling silver. Surgical steel contains nickel, though the nickel is bound in the material and thus often suitable for nickel allergists.


Wear and care

Do wear you jewelry when you dance, love and laugh! This way they will become personalized pieces, wearing the signs of your life. Do not however wear your jewelry when you are doing the dishes or bathing/showering unless you want to quicken their aging.


24 carat gold

Our gold plated products are covered with a thick layer of gold.


Sterling silver 
andeliusgribbe uses nickel free 925 silver, Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver’s surface can darken, i.e. become oxidized. This can be due to the minerals and salts secreted by the body and to the oxygen in the air.


Gold and silver plated 
Plated pieces can be gently cleaned with a soft cloth.

The layers of gold and silver plating will naturally and gradually wear off within time. However, in case you might want to get a new layer of plating, please contact us at:
Our cuffs are one size. They can be carefully adjusted in size once to your personal liking. However, the material does not support repeated bending.